Sunday School Curriculum
In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Most Merciful

The material presented in the following books is a result of an effort made by the personnel of the school of Ahlul達ait of the Shia-Muslim Association of Bay Area Islamic Center at San Jose, California in cooperation with several schools of Ahlul達ait at London-Stanmore, London-Hujjat, Vancouver, Minnesota and Toronto.

We, at San Jose, looked at material from London-Stanmore, London-Hujjat, Vancouver, Minnesota, Toronto and Irvine's Islamic institutions, as well as that available at various web-sites to compile age appropriate textbooks for use by our students. We thank the institutions that were kind enough to provide us with the electronic files of their curriculum. We used some of what they had and added to it what we felt was appropriate. We included more worksheets and pictures where deemed necessary. We also added some new topics that, we felt are important to the students.

We had two important goals in mind while working on these books. First, introduce the students to the important Islamic concepts and beliefs that are crucial for him/her to know. Second, expose the students to as many Quranic verses and sayings from Prophet Muhammad (p) and his Ahlul達ait (a) as possible.

We thank Hujjatul Islam Dr. Nabi Raza Abidi for his spiritual guidance. We hope future efforts will continue taking place until reaching our goal of having a strong, rich and unified curriculum for the schools of Ahlul達ait for all ages.

Syllabus Committee, School of Ahlul達ait
Shia-Muslim Association of Bay Area


School Books:

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Grade 7

  History Fiqh Akhlaq
Grade 6
  History Fiqh Akhlaq
Grade 5
  History Fiqh Akhlaq
Grade 4
  History Fiqh Akhlaq
Grade 3
  History Fiqh Akhlaq
Grade 2
  History Fiqh Akhlaq
Grade 1  
Prayer Times

San Jose Area
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