In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The SABA Youth Group is a forum created by the youth of SABA, under the direction of Maulana Abidi, which desires to serve Allah (swt) through the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (as), as well as preparing for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (ajtf).


In addition, it intends to equip the youth with adequate knowledge and skills to serve as the leaders of tomorrow, and provides an Islamic social environment for the youth of the community.  It serves as a platform to strengthen brotherhood and sisterhood within the community and a forum for the youth to voice concerns about issues pertaining to them.

Past Topics
Topic Related Links
Justice of God Justice of God - Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi
Islamic Government Islamic Government - Imam Khoemeini (ra)
Raja'h (The Return) Shia Encyclopedia - Raja'h
Tawwasul (Seeking Intermediary) Tawassul - Dr. Abd al-Karim Shirazi
Current Events  
Documentary: Stages of Creation
I'smah (Infallibility) Sinlessness of Prophets in Light of the Quran - Allamah Tabatabai
Music Music and Philosophy Behind Prohibition - Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi
Slavery in Islam Slavery for Islamic and Christian Perspectives - Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi
Torture PBS: The Torture Question
Eid al-Ghadir and Imam Ali (as) Al-Ghadir and its Relevance to Islamic Unity - Shaheed Mutahhari
Does God NOT Exist? Three Topics in Theological Philosophy - Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi
Leadership Workshop with Br. Asad Jafri  
After Ashura - Speech by Syed Abidi
Imam Sajjad: Risalat al-Huquq (Treatsie of Rights) Risalat al-Huquq
Mock Presidential Debate with Maulana Sulayman  
Karbala and the Islamic Revolution by Br. Asad Jafri
Awaiting the Return of Imam Mahdi (ajtf) Awaiting the Return from Elixir of Love - Shaykh Rajab Ali Khayyat
Death by Maulana Abbas Mirza Eternity of Man
Wilayat al-Faqih General Principles on Imam Khomeini's Political Thought
Gheebah (Backbiting) Nahj al-Balagah Sermon 140: Backbiting - Imam Ali (as)
Documentary: Sicko  
Gender Interactions The Islamic Modest Dress - Shaheed Mutahhari
Irfan and Increasing Spirituality Najh al-Balagah Sermon 193: Characteristics of Pious - Imam Ali (as)
Halal and non-Halal Food  
Approaching Marriage Marriage and Morals - Sayyid Muhammad Rzivi
Concentration in Prayer; Importance of Praying On Time Concentration in Prayer - Jameel Kermali
Sayyida Fatima Zahra (sa): Role Model in Our Lives Fatima al-Masuma (as): A Role Model for Men and Women - Sayyid Fadhlullah
Taqleed Taqleed: Meaning and Reality - Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi
Movie: 313 313 The Movie
Life and Martydom of Imam Ali al-Hadi (as) Imam Ali al-Hadi al-Naqi (as)
Repentance Discourse on Repentance - Shaheed Mutahhari
Culture and Religion An Introduction to Islamic Culture - Allamah Taqi Jafari
Unbelievers in the Hereafter Non Muslims and the Hereafter - Ayatollah Mahdi Tehrani
The Purpose of Life and Worship The Goal of Life - Shaheed Mutahhari
Discussion on Ramadan Spiritual Journey of the Mystics - Haj Javad Malaki Tabrizi
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