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Prayer Times
City Imsaak Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Sunset Maghrib Isha
San Jose5:25 am5:35 am6:52 am12:21 pm5:52 pm6:08 pm7:04 pm
San Francisco5:27 am5:37 am6:54 am12:23 pm5:53 pm6:10 pm7:06 pm
Oakland5:26 am5:36 am6:54 am12:23 pm5:53 pm6:09 pm7:05 pm
Sacramento5:23 am5:33 am6:52 am12:20 pm5:48 pm6:05 pm7:02 pm
Stockton5:22 am5:32 am6:50 am12:19 pm5:48 pm6:05 pm7:01 pm
Gilroy5:23 am5:33 am6:50 am12:20 pm5:51 pm6:07 pm7:02 pm
Santa Cruz5:25 am5:35 am6:52 am12:22 pm5:53 pm6:09 pm7:04 pm
Monterey5:25 am5:34 am6:51 am12:21 pm5:52 pm6:09 pm7:04 pm
Santa Rosa5:28 am5:38 am6:56 am12:25 pm5:54 pm6:10 pm7:07 pm

Important Note: Imsaak is the time when one should stop eating / drinking / performing any other action that violates the fast.

Fajr is the time that one can perform the Fajr prayer.
Zohar and Maghrib prayers should be performed 5 minutes after their time as a precaution. Fajr prayers should be finished before Sunrise, Asar prayers should be completed before sunset and Isha prayers should be finished before Midnight to avoid being Qaza. (Please note that according to some Marajah Asar prayers can be recited till the start of Maghrib prayers and Isha Salat should be finished 40 minutes before midnight).

Note for SABA Printed Calendar:
The time printed in the calendar for Fajr prayer should itself be used for Imsaak (when one should stop eating / drinking / performing any other action that violates the fast). Out of precaution, the Fajr prayer should be recited 15 minutes after the time printed in the calendar.

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