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Islamic Books

Explore Islamic Teachings and Principles:

Following books are available free of charge from SABA Islamic Center. These books are a great resource for people seeking information on Islam and its basic principles.

People located in the San Francisco Bay Area can pick up the books by visiting SABA Islamic Center. Please note that people requesting books via US mail are asked to send $15.00 to cover the cost of shipping by Media Mail. The books cannot be shipped outside United States and we cannot ship these volumes to prisons. Please call or send email to SABA for more information.

The 3 set of books are in soft cover edition, retailing for approximately $70. Only one copy of the books can be requested per address.  Requests are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.






Islamic Teachings and Life of Prophet Muhammad
By: Allamah Tabatabai and a board of writers

(Two Books in One Volume)


    Islamic Teachings an Overview
By: Allamah  Tabataba'i
A Glance at the Life of the Holy Prophet of Islam
By: Darrah Haqq's board of writers
Lessons on Islamic Doctrine
By: Sayyid Mujtaba Lari

(Four Books in One Volume)

    God and His Attributes The Seal of the Prophets and His Message
    Resurrection Judgment and the Hereafter Imamate and Leadership
Nahjul Balagha  Peak of Eloquence
Sermons, Letters and Saying of Imam Ali (a)
By: Imam Ali (a)

(One Book)

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