Madrasat Ahlul'Bait
Islamic Guidance center

Class Schedule 2002

GRADES 1st Period 2nd Period 3rd Period SUBSTITUTE TEACHER
1 Sr. Samina Haider (Arabic) Sr. Samina Haider (Fiqh/History) Sr. Uruj Kazmi (History)  
2 Br. Hamza (Arabic) Br. Hamza (Fiqh) Sr. Samina Haider (History) Sr. Nausheen Ali
3 Sr. Uruj Kazmi (Arabic) Br. Hamid Raza (Quran) Br. Hamid Raza (History) Br. Mahdi Zaidiís wife
4 Br. Hamid Raza (Quran) Sr. Uruj Kazmi (Fiqh) Sr. Shereen Mirza (Fiqh/History) Br. Hamza
5 Br. Ali Fawaz (Arabic) Sr. Shereen Mirza (Fiqh/History) Br. Assad Mahani (History)  
6 Sr. Shereen Mirza (Fiqh /History) Br. Ali Fawaz (Arabic) (History)  
7 Br. Hassan Abu Ghaida (Arabic) Br. Hussain Falhati (Fiqh/History) Br. Salim Yusufali (History & General Knowledge)  
8 Br. Hussain Falhati (Fiqh/History) Br. Hassan Abu Ghaida (Arabic) Br. Salim Yusufali (History & General Knowledge)  

Teachers Available Later:

  1. Sr. Shaista Yusuali  (Quran or Fiqh 4th & 5th Grade)

  2. Br. Sam Torabi        (Older Kids: Fiqh/History/general Knowlegde)

  3. Br. Abu Baker         (Older Kids: Quran/or other)

  4. Br. Kaneshka          (Once a month: Arts in Islam Special Lectures)

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