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SABA's General Body Meeting

SABA's Annual General Body Meeting will be on Thursday, September 10th. Everyone is requested to attend to provide feedback, get the financial update, and learn about SABA's short term and long term goals.

Hajj Seminar at SABA

There will be a Hajj Seminar at SABA on Saturday, August 29th in which all Hajj Arkan and Ahkam will be discusssed and explained.

Birthday of Imam Raza (AS)

There will be a Jashan at SABA on Thursday, August 27th for the celebration of Birthday of Imam Raza (AS).

SABA Health Center


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Please Call Our Direct Line: 408-444-3139

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SABA Academy

SABA Academy is enrolling Toddlers to 10th Grade students'. Click here to complete an application form for SABA Academy

SABA Matrimonial Services

SABA offers confidential matrimonial services. If you are interested, please fill out the form at SABA Matrimonial webpage.


Thursday August 27 / Zeeqadah 11
Birthday of Imam Raza (AS)
7:00 PM Dua-e-Kumayl
7:40 PM Jashan and Poetry in Urdu, Farsi and Arabic
8:07 PM Maghrib and Isha Prayers
8:30 PM Speech by Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi
9:10 PM Dinner
9:15 PM Second recitation of Dua-e-Kumayl


Friday August 28 / Zeeqadah 12
12:30 PM Khutbah
1:15 PM Jumuah and Asr Prayers
1:45 PM Lunch


Saturday August 29 / Zeeqadah 13
Hajj Seminar
9:30 AM Breakfast and Hajj Seminar
1:15 PM Jumuah and Asr Prayers

Sisters Youth Talk and Paint Night
4:00 PM Sister's Youth Talk with Sr Sabika Mithani

Prayer Times

San Jose Area
Imsaak5:07 AM
Fajr5:22 AM
Sunrise6:38 AM
Zuhr1:07 PM
Sunset7:36 PM
Maghrib7:58 PM
Midnight1:07 AM
Other Cities - Precautions


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Hadith of the Week

The example of the world is that of sea water; the more a thirsty person drinks from it, the thirstier he becomes until it kills him -Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS), Usul al-Kafi
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